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Gothic Death
Darken sky forms in her eyes
As she sees the reality of thy heart
Suffers great despair when thee
Has stabbed thee within my heart
That bleeds within purgatory
As minions crucify thy body
Upon flaming walls of Hell
To purify thee flesh and mind
For retribution of what has been taken
From my essence as well sight,
Thou as forsaken thee to this realm
With great pleasure to see thee suffer
So you can procreate upon mortals above
To blossom your seed amongst the region
For the annihilation of humanity so your
Demons can run rampant and spread
Like a disease around the globe
So your offspring may live while I burn
Within this Hell you sent me to die in
As you smile down at me saying I told
Thee not to fall or trust thee for it would
Be your death if you fell in love with thee
Know late you are for thou as risen
Because of the from thou seed for thee
Children of the damn to awaken to cleanse
This world of your species so mine can
Live once again upon the surface to rule.
:icondomonick666:domonick666 2 0
Night Winds Blowing
Night winds blowing in an eerie fog
Brings evil shadows lurking
For a soul to process as they form
A sinister mist to paralyze you in fear.
You try to escape its grasp as
It engulfs your body and mind,
But you can't as you shudder in
Horror as the mist takes your soul,
Leaving you helpless as your flesh
Starts to melt away from your bones
As you become one with the creepy
Forms that float in the mist.
Night winds blow an eerie chill
Through one's flesh and bones
As a raven soars high above
In search of a soul to take back
To the outer realm of our reality
so it may be reborn within the cup of life
For another to carry on your essence
To live eternally amongst mortal men
And women within our own reality
Whispers of the night talk to me,
Sounds of the winds blanket me.
Trees sway and dance the night away
As night live forms together for a feast.                                        
:icondomonick666:domonick666 1 0
Moonlit skies shine down upon her radiant form,
capturing the moment within her starry eyes
and revealing her bare essence flowing through the winds
this warm summer night that ignited the flame of passion
within my throbbing heart for this exquisite woman
that has enchanted me with her beautiful body of art
thats an acquired taste,like a fine wine breathing poetry
when she moves her sensual lips in rhythm of mine as they meet
Sending my pulse racing with desire as our bodies intertwine
in perfect harmony and graceful caress of each others soul
as well setting our minds at ease on this passionate night
of elaborate romance and pleasurable delicacy we shared
with elegance's between our beating hearts and flesh.
:icondomonick666:domonick666 0 0
Dusk sets in,
revealing the contrast of your body
you lay there on satin sheets
naked and playful.
Enchanting eyes that are dark
as well mystifying,
that brings out the mystery and curiosity
of your soul,
elegance of your body forms
tempting desire for pleasure
as you roam your hands seductively up and down
your tender flesh that taste like candy
when my tongue slides slowly upon your trembling skin.
Fantasized you have of this night
as you savor ever passionate kiss
and sensual embrace of our bodies
romancing the night away with passion,
igniting a flame of ecstasy between our souls
that sweat from its heat created
by tenderness of our kisses as well sinful lust
we dreamt of happening this romantic night
that blinded me with your love and precious heart
I cherish from this day forth till our last breath
as I admire your body laying in our bed
glistening with love.
:icondomonick666:domonick666 0 1
Mature content
Delirium :icondomonick666:domonick666 0 0
137 by domonick666 137 :icondomonick666:domonick666 1 0
Eclipsing my Essence
Eclipsing my essence within the shadows
Of darkness I see only a glimmer of hope
As the light dwindles slowly away
From sight of my eyes that fade into
The night that consumes my body
And take breath from frail lips into the winds
to soar endlessly through time
:icondomonick666:domonick666 0 0
My Actions
Motion of my actions have started to take place as I see above the darken clouds of once a broken past as the light that is in my sight is from heart so pure and beautiful that she lifted me off the ground to a higher purpose in this hollow life
And emptiness I stored for so long but now released like a breath of fresh air as she fills my soul with passion and desire once more to soar above the heavens into her glorious light that shines all around her luscious body and angel eyes that are hypnotic if gazed upon to long as her aroma entices scene long forgotten once you inhale her essences and fall in love with her
:icondomonick666:domonick666 0 0
Death of the Unknown Stranger
Coldness ripping through lost souls.
Alienated by their peers.
Abandoned on the streets
to savage remains of others.
Their shelter a box,
alleyways, street corners,
or hallways if they're lucky,
Unknown they have become.
Shadows living amongst us but
forsaken to walk alone as homeless
down our streets.
Surviving at any means even giving
themselves to avoid starvation or
a place of warmth,
Outcasts they're called.
Take the blinders off for one second and
look into their eyes.  
Feel the pain, sorrow,
and the need to be accepted.
Not pushed to the side or treated like a disease.
For one thing many forget,  
this could happen to you
For it wasn't a choice of theirs to live like that.
:icondomonick666:domonick666 0 0
Honeydew Drips
Honeydew drips
slowly down leaves,
with sweet melody
to the ground.
Echoing sounds
within the winds
as they exploded
into puddles on
the ground below.
:icondomonick666:domonick666 0 2
Pale Lily
Pale Lily soft tender petals
With darken leaves of crimson
Lips so sweet I would love to kiss
As nectar rolls slowly down
Your steams that enchanted me
To want to be with you and your
Taste every day and night
To feel your bodies warmth
Next to mine on cold nights
When I'm alone wondering
If your still a dream or for real
As I hold you in morning light
Looking and gazing at your beauty
As you sleep within my arms.
:icondomonick666:domonick666 0 0
Immortalize Beauty
Rain illuminating
over your heavenly body
Capturing the moment
as the droplets
Caress every inch
of your silhouette,
every beautiful curve
I love to roam
my hands over and paint
With my fingertips
onto canvas to immortalize
your aura and beauty.
:icondomonick666:domonick666 0 0
Seductive Eyes
Gazing into your seductive eyes
My heart is swept away as my breath,
Arousing my scenes with your alluring
Scent that radiates off your luscious body
That is so provocative when you move
Slowly across our bed with lustful visions
So inviting and captivating it drives me
To my knees begging for more as you tease
With roaming hands over every inch of your
Steamy haven that sweats with passion and desire,
Tempting me to taste your sensual flesh as I pull
You close to feel your heartbeat next to mine
As you gasp for air once I enter your soul
That's burning with intimacy and moan
From trembling lips so pure to kiss as you
Coarse through my veins with every loving touch.
:icondomonick666:domonick666 0 0
Gothic Doorway
What lays beyond
this Gothic doorway
made of brimstone,
we may never know
as it appears deep
in the forest of lost souls
turning trees black as soot,
leaves crimson blood
from those that tried
to escaped their fate,
roam carefully down the path
you walk in the forest,
for this darkness appears
with it's walls stretching for miles,
tricking you to cross over from the light
into realm of darkness,
were awaits you eerie nightmares
that become yours reality forever.
:icondomonick666:domonick666 0 0
Mature content
Valley of Ecstasy :icondomonick666:domonick666 0 0
Days of Trials and Tribulations
Days of trials and tribulations,
Has lead me down this path.
Hours of torment
To my weary thoughts
Driven me insane
With every turn of your lies,
As you torture me for months
At no end to bring forth the eerie truth
Of a past I once lived.
Time rolls slowly this twilight hour,
Has the hands strike dreary sounds
Of me wallowing in pain when you laugh
At my sorrow and blood stained flesh
You whipped beyond repair,
Leaving scars of my sentence upon my body,
Chains tearing into my wrist
As I hang from your cold wet walls
And no food to eat except the rats
That crawl up upon my body for a taste
As they get to close to my lips
I must nutritious myself with one quick bite
Before they have a chance to strike.
Taste is find for now, for soon I will crossover
Into the abyss and have my revenge
Once they release me from my chains,
Thinking am dead, cold it is tonight,
My eyes darken as evening mist carries
My essence from breath to wind and beyond.
Pale moon begins to fade away from my lips
As I
:icondomonick666:domonick666 0 0


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Journal History


little dove

holding on to that one thing that keeps you going is your faith and love.

life is a gift to us and should not be taken for granted and be cherished.

darkness should be explored not feared because there's always a lite at the end.

fear should be embarrassed for it give us strength to overcome those fears ahead us.

love not hate for there no point in it except pain for yourself in the end and no one to love you.

the world is are to live on for all and we all breath the same air that was given to us for life.

death is not the end but another adventure after we are laid to rest as our soul descent to the heavens.

until all living souls on our world comes together as one and stops all the hate,racism,judging,war,destruction

we will never come as one and the hope of the future of are world will have no future and we all will not excite anymore.




domonick666's Profile Picture
Anthony Sarch
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
born 1969 in Chicago,
living now in Naperville ILL,
Cancer survivor
I have two sons that live with their mothers,
been writing since I was 15 and stop for a while,
then took it back up again 10 years ago,
I have published so far 11 books,8 are poetry and 3 short stories,
I'm a member of a site called allpoetry since 2012
under the username Anthony Sarch
as well a second account on allpoetry under Tony Sarch
I run several groups on that site
I also run 6 poetry groups on facebook
also have my own webpage to promote my books and work at
also on facebook I have my own poetry page and author page
I have a love for nature as well biking riding and cooking,
my inspiration comes Edgar Allen Poe also those all around as well imagination,
my writing style is my own and genres include
brevities,short stories romance,sensual,society,religion
My hopes are to touch the minds and souls of everyone
as well leave a mark in time for all to enjoy my work way after I'm gone.



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